Saturday, 15 September 2012

15th September – there and back again

Today the advice from SVP changed to avoiding crowded places, rather than having to stay indoors.  I had been invited to go to an Arabic/English Exchange class this afternoon, so I was pleased about that.  As instructed I went to the local bus station but had great difficulty locating the right bus.  Finally a very helpful gentleman put me on the bus.  I called to let Judith, who runs the exchange, know I was on my way so she could meet me at the other end.  Unfortunately her phone was switched off, so I was unable to contact her.  As a result I arrived at a completely unfamiliar place with no idea where to go.  After waiting a while I decided to go back to the flat.  I asked some people at a tea stall where to catch the bus to Arabi.  They invited me to sit and drink some tea with them while I waited for the bus, which I did.  We had a nice chat.  The tea lady absolutely refused payment.  This goes above and beyond the hospitality I have experienced in Khartoum so far.  I strongly suspect that it is ordinary people’s way of showing their solidarity against the video/embassy protests situation. 

In the month that I have been in Sudan everyone I have talked to, without exception, has been very keen for friendly relations with the outside world. 

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