Tuesday, 4 September 2012

4 September – the end of our stay in Khartoum is in sight

Before going to the last session of our induction today, Rami took Jennifer, Martin and me to the Aliens Office for an HIV test.  This is the culmination of Rami’s work in organising our official paperwork, such as a residence permit and internal visas so that we can go to our respective towns and start teaching.  It is not possible to travel in Sudan without visas for each place.  The Sudanese government insists that in order to protect the country, all foreign residents have to have an HIV test.  We expect to leave for our placements sometime next week.

We have now come to the end of our induction, which was very helpful, particularly as we now have far more idea of local expectations and the way Sudanese schools work.  There was a very useful session on how to teach large classes, which was not covered in my TEFL course.

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