Wednesday, 29 August 2012

25th August - Day 2 in Khartoum

Today I got up early and had another mango and plenty of water.  After a shower, and feeling much fresher, I decided to make a start on cleaning the floors of the flat, which are very gritty.  Rajeev has told me that the floor gets filthy faster than it can be cleaned.  I also did some clothes-washing. 

I had my Blackberry unlocked and a Sudanese SIM card installed today, much to my relief.  I was pleased to see that I can still get my emails without having to re-set the phone.  For lunch I went out and found a stall selling tamiya (a Sudanese style falafel). 
Later in the day, Rami, the SVP coordinator, came and took my passport and photos so he can organise internal visas and a resident’s visa for me.  He told me that I will be going to a town called Ed Damer, which is on the River Nile, to the north of Khartoum.  It is a state capital, quite near Meroe, where the famous pyramids are.  Becca also came and we had a chat.  We were told that two more volunteers, a couple, were arriving this evening.  Raj will share with the husband and I will share with the wife.  I tidied the room to make room as my unpacked suitcases were using up the whole room.

In the evening I went in search of food and found a kebab stall.  The kebab was very much smaller than in the UK and much tastier.  When I came back, the new volunteers had arrived.  Their names are Jennifer and Martin, and they had just arrived from Ethiopia where they were teaching at a summer school.  They were totally shattered. 

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