Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sunday 26th August

I went to Mass at the Catholic Cathedral today.  My understanding from internet research was that Mass was at 9.30.  I arrived to find an Arabic Mass in mid-progress, with the Cardinal officiating.  I joined in.  The church was crowded with an entirely African congregation, including lots of babies and small children.  It was a sung mass with instruments.  Afterwards, I asked a nun if there is also an English Mass.  She said that the 10am and 6.30pm masses are in English.  I stayed for the 10am mass, which also had music, but was much less crowded.  The hymn book was specially written for the Sudan Diocese by some Italian priests.  The church itself is built in the Italian style, so it is clear that Italian missionaries were/are very active here.  The liturgy was the new English translation which has only been in use since September 2011.

After Mass I walked back by a slightly different route which I think is more direct and also better shaded.  The roads in this part of town are properly metalled, the first that I have seen here.  Shops seem to be organised by type, so that there will be a large number of shops selling men’s shoes, or travel agencies all huddled together.
The heat is at its most bearable, predictably, either early or late in the day.  Now that it is the heat of the day, I am writing this diary, doing more hand-washing etc.  In other words, lying low.

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