Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday 30th August visiting CLIK

Becca has recommended that it would be a good idea to visit the Catholic Language Institute Khartoum (CLIK) which is in an area of Khartoum called Amarat.  CLIK produce a highly recommended Sudanese Arabic text book and also do language courses.  Jennifer and Martin both want to do an intensive course.  I have decided to learn properly when I reach Ed Damer, perhaps in exchange for English lessons, while relying on my limited phrases which I learnt before coming here for now. 

We took an amjad (a type of small, cheap taxi) but had great difficulties finding the right street.  Two hours later, feeling very hot and sticky, we finally found it.  We were led into a lovely cool old building and met a French La Salle brother who discussed our requirements with us.  He told us that the main aim of CLIK is to help Catholic organisations and also volunteers from other organisations rather than operate as a commercial school.  Jennifer and Martin were able to work out a tailor-made course for the short amount of time we are in Khartoum.  He gave a discounted rate taking into account that they are two people and both volunteers.  The textbook was beyond my means, so he offered me a slightly defective copy at a much reduced rate.  Afterwards he offered us a lift back towards the flat as he was going into town.  We very gratefully accepted.

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